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One Way Rentals

One way rentals are readily available in Australia today; the prices can vary quite dramatically from one company to another, so it is certainly worth taking the time to do some research, to find out which company will offer the best price for the car and any extra features that you need for your trip. When flying to Australia with a lot of luggage, using one way rentals is usually the easiest and most convenient way to reach your destination. When doing research on these car hire companies, remember to check the drop off locations that they offer, even before you check their prices, as it is vital that the company you choose has a drop off spot very close to your destination.

The Advantages of a One Way Rental

For many people, all inclusive car hire packages like one way rentals offer the best deal, as you don't have to worry about any surprise additions to your bill at the end of the trip. However, picking and choosing certain features can work out cheaper, if you are careful about reading the small print and avoiding extra charges.

One way car hire consists of picking up the rental car at one location and dropping it off at another, near your destination. This is great for people going on a longer trip, who don't want to have to drive the car all the way back to their starting point. Many people find that one way car rentals save them the stress of using public transport to reach their destination, especially when carrying heavy, bulk luggage pieces.

One way rentals usually cost more on a daily basis, so they are mostly suitable for those who just need a car for one trip, rather than a rental car for the entire duration of their stay somewhere. Many of the larger car hire companies will have several drop off locations for you to choose from; so for those who want more options when it comes to drop off points, it may be wiser to go for a larger company. For travellers who are happy to just use a single drop off location, then a smaller company may be better and would possibly offer a cheaper price.

Occasionally, it's possible to get a one way rental that acts as a delivery service from one car hire location to another. In such cases - as you're essentially doing the business a favour - you can pick up an incredible holiday deal! Ask your service representative for more information.

To find out more, check out One Way Rentals and see what they can offer.

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