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4x4 Camper Hire compares prices and campervans and motorhomes from all the major NZ and Australia operators including Cheapa, Maui, Britz, Jucy & 2 berth camper companies like Spaceships and Backpacker. The price and campervans are provided to us by each supplier, so you will save a lot of time by searching in one place.

On top of that you can get great deals, such as relocations from $1 a day. These special discounts on 4WD camper hire tend to change from month to month and they will get you a saving that is not available if you book directly with,, etc.  

To compare prices for 4WD camper hire just enter your details in the booking form. In the second step you will be able to select a vehicle. We offer all types of vehicles including cheap 2 berths and luxury 4 and 6 berth motorhomes. The results will show campervans and motorhomes from our partners.  

Get up-to-the-minute prices for 4WD camper hire.

Know of a place where you want to go in NZ? Travel almost anywhere with campervan hire available at 10 locations.

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